Shaun Askew

Dear Salisbury BID team,

It’s great to see Andy and his BID team out and about on our city streets over these last few months.

As I drive around I’ve seen them painting street furniture in Brown Street, clearing overgrown foliage in Fisherton Street and cleaning up rubbish in New Canal.

These are just the things I’ve seen and they’ve made a tangible difference to the look of our city.

We areĀ  predominantly a tourist city and so it’s a shame to see our streets and open spaces looking so unkempt, untidy and seemingly uncared for.

We need to improve the look and feel of our city centre both for residents and tourists and the BID team are doing a sterling job.

Keep up the great work – I for one are very thankful for your efforts.

With very best wishes,

Shaun Askew
Windsor Road

12th July 2016