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Salisbury City Centre CCTV

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Salisbury city centre's CCTV is co-funded by Salisbury BID and Salisbury City Council

Salisbury BID invest £25,000 each year into the city centre's CCTV to ensure the system remains operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CCTV is crucial for making sure Salisbury remains a safe place for businesses, residents and visitors to the city.

The state of the art CCTV is managed by Salisbury City Council.

The system has been operating since October 2017 and in September 2018 the ownership of and responsibility for running it was transferred from Wiltshire Council to Salisbury City Council.

Need to access the city's CCTV? Following the submission of a crime report, the Police can request access to the CCTV footage.

For all other general CCTV enquiries, please contact