Salisbury Business Improvement District

City Performance Data

Representing & Influencing

Salisbury BID fund the collection of vital city performance data including footfall, vacancy rate and spend in businesses.

Salisbury BID fund 3 permanent footfall counters in the city centre; High Street, Queen Street and Fisherton Street. Monthly footfall reports are published here. Footfall data is important for measuring the performance of the city, and provided invaluable when demonstrating to government the economic impact on the city following the incident in March 2018. The data was key leverage in securing the support funding from government.

Salisbury BID conduct a quarterly vacancy survey which measures the vacant ground floor units in the city centre and benchmarks Salisbury's rate with the regional and UK.

Salisbury BID also measures the spend in business. A selection of retail and hospitality businesses submit their weekly sales percentage figures. An anonymous report is then provided to Salisbury BID and in return the business receives a bespoke intelligence report. If you are interested in joining the list of businesses who provide their sales data, please get in touch.

This data is collected and analysed by Springboard, the leading provider of data and intelligence.