Salisbury Business Improvement District

BID business consultation results

10th January 2019

Salisbury BID’s first five-year term is coming to an end on 31 March.

In order for the BID to continue our work for a second term we’re required to hold a ballot (in accordance with the Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004).

Ahead of the BID ballot in February, a comprehensive consultation was held with our business members in the summer to find out what businesses want the BID to deliver in the next five years.

More than 300 BID levy payers took part in the consultation.

Members were asked for feedback on key areas of the BID’s work including marketing, events, business support and ensuring the city is welcoming, safe and clean.

The results from the consultation has shaped the BID’s business plan proposal (2019-2024).

After extensive analysis of the consultation, the following are what our businesses would like the BID to prioritise over the next 5 years...

- A strong voice for businesses
- Marketing & promotion of the city
- Activities to promote businesses
- Improving the appearance of empty shops
- Refining the overall appearance and cleanliness of the city
- Promotion of city events
- Business support
- Fully operational CCTV
- Communication to businesses
- Enhancing the visitor experience
- Crime prevention & support for initiatives to promote a safer city
- Facilitating of more partnership working

BID Chair Keith Hanson, Director of Salisbury recruitment agency Personnel Placements, said:

“The consultation has given us valuable insight into how our business members feel about the BID and our work.

“Overall, there is a lot of positive feedback. It’s clear that our business members value the BID for having a collective voice, as well as the work we do on the city’s promotion, appearance and safety.

“However, we’ve taken on board what our businesses want to see more of and the issues that need addressing.”

Robin McGowan, Salisbury BID Chief Executive, said:

“Aside from the general trend towards lower High Street footfall across the UK, Salisbury has been dealing with the aftermath of an unprecedented incident that has had an inconceivable impact.

“Yet despite both these challenges, the BID has delivered and exceeded against the aspirations set out in our first-term business plan.

“Without us, there simply wouldn’t have been a city-centre business voice during the recovery since March 2018 and so the impact on businesses could easily have been far worse.

“We want to continue working closely with members and representing the business community in the longer-term regeneration plans.

“Over the next five years, we will build on the firm foundations we have laid in our first term to improve footfall, increase sales, reduce business costs and enhance the promotion of Salisbury.

“Based on analysis of our consultation survey results, we’ve identified three themes which summarise members’ priorities for the second term: promoting and supporting; welcoming and enhancing; and representing and influencing.

“We thank the hundreds of members who took part in the consultation. We aim to continue delivering real added value for them on the ground under these broad priority areas.”

“Make no mistake - there is no replacement body to step in and deliver these services, so I urge members to vote Yes to keep the BID in February.”

The BID Ballot
The BID ballots papers will be issued on 31st January to businesses eligible to vote. The voting period will end on 28th February.

The result will be announced on 1st March 2019.

A Yes vote will see the BID start a new five-year term on 1st April 2019. Should the BID ballot fail to gain a positive majority vote, it will cease to exist on 31st March.

Find out more about the BID ballot here.

Salisbury BID has an annual budget of £360,000 funded by levies on more than 500 businesses within the ring-road that have a rateable value of £10,000 or more.

It is one of more than 300 business-led BIDs in the UK charged with helping designated areas maximise their business potential. Neighbouring BID’s include Winchester, Southampton, Chippenham, Bath and Bournemouth.