Salisbury Business Improvement District

Brand agency appointed to create a new visual identity for Salisbury

22nd October 2019

Leading organisations form partnership and appoint brand agency to carry out Salisbury’s competitive brand positioning.

Following the creation of a new competitive brand positioning for Salisbury, the city partners leading on the initiative have appointed brand agency, Heavenly, to develop the city’s visual identity in collaboration with young, local talent at Wiltshire College & University Centre.

VisitWiltshire is leading the project on behalf of a group of city partners that have joined-up on the initiative, including Salisbury BID, Salisbury City Council, Swindon and Wiltshire LEP, Wiltshire Council, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, Salisbury Journal, and Salisbury Purple Flag/Night-time Economy Group.

Amanda Snowe, Project Manager at VisitWiltshire, said: “We were clear that we wanted any new visual identity or marque for the city to have true local provenance and as we developed the competitive positioning for Salisbury, the need to give the young people of the city a stake in its future became clear. We are therefore delighted to appoint brand agency, Heavenly, that worked closely with stakeholders across the city to develop the Traditional Original Positioning, to work on the development of the new visual identity, in partnership with Wiltshire College and University Centre.”

The partnership between Heavenly and Wiltshire College & University Centre will directly involve young creative talent in considering the Salisbury brand and creating options for the identity. Students whose ideas are taken forward will have the opportunity to work alongside the award-winning creative team at Heavenly, this will extend beyond the creation of the identity with Heavenly offering lectures and support to a range of creative and design courses.

Tracey Bullen, Head of the Creative Arts at Wiltshire College & University Centre, said: “We are very excited to be working on this project and delighted with the opportunity it gives our Wiltshire College and University Centre Creative Arts students to gain real world experience, considering a live design brief and working closely with a prestigious agency. We are also particularly delighted to be able to make this contribution to the wider Salisbury community and the future of the city.”

Heavenly engaged extensively with local residents and businesses to gain input into the development of the Traditional Original Positioning. During the project, Heavenly will be creating a toolkit which will be available to all Salisbury businesses and organisations. The toolkit will enable them to use the competitive positioning in a way which best meets their individual needs, in order to easily communicate what makes Salisbury, and their Salisbury based businesses, special.

Roger Pride, Managing Partner of Heavenly, said. “We are pleased to be able to continue working with the Salisbury team and the city of which we are so fond. Salisbury is a blend of tradition and originality; therefore, we felt the need to come up with an original way of developing the new identity which is why we partnered with Wiltshire College & University Centre.”

Cllr Jeremy Nettle, Leader of Salisbury City Council, said: “This is the next step of an exciting project and we are delighted to see Salisbury’s young people so involved. Salisbury is on the move!”

Cllr Pauline Church, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for South Wiltshire Recovery, added: "Salisbury is looking to the future and we have lots of exciting new projects on the horizon that will help the city be strong and vibrant.

"One such project is the new visual identity for Salisbury, which will not only reflect the city's heritage but its vision for the future. So, it's really inspiring that our young students will be so heavily involved in this exciting project and we look forward to seeing their designs early next year."