Salisbury Business Improvement District

Bunting Arrives in Salisbury

14th May 2018

With no plans for the city to be dressed in bunting this year, Salisbury BID have secured funding to ensure the city will be dressed following feedback from businesses and visitors.

Salisbury BID, the business-led support service, applied for the funding from the Strategic Recovery Group to facilitate the feel-good factor initiative.

BID Chief Executive Robin McGowan said: “Businesses have been telling us how important it is to have street decorations up throughout the summer months. It helps celebrate everything Salisbury has to offer and adds to the feel-good factor for those visiting, working and living in the city."

Bunting is such a simple concept yet a very effective way to add vibrancy to the city.

The High Street has already been dressed, ahead of the Royal Wedding Party in the Cathedral Close, and other streets of Salisbury will see bunting in the coming weeks.