Salisbury Business Improvement District

Celebrating Your City of Independents!

29th June 2023

Join Salisbury BID in supporting Independent Businesses throughout July: Celebrate Salisbury’s Rich Retail Tapestry with Indies Week 2023

Salisbury Business Improvement District (BID) is proud to announce Indies Week from 1-7 July 2023, as part of an ongoing campaign promoting Salisbury: Your City of Independents. This will be a citywide initiative dedicated to celebrating and supporting the vibrant community of independent retailers in Salisbury. Throughout this week and the wider month of July, residents and visitors are encouraged to show their support for local independent businesses by prioritising them in their shopping and engaging in the City of Independents Campaign and its offers, marketing, and content. 


Indies Week is a rallying call for everyone to recognize the significance of independent retailers and their positive impact on the local economy. With their unrivalled community spirit and dedication to delivering exceptional products and services, independent businesses play a vital role in shaping the unique character of Salisbury. 


At the heart of Indies Week is the Salisbury: Your City of Independents Campaign, which serves as a platform to showcase the diverse range of independent businesses in Salisbury. This campaign aims to create awareness about the exceptional offerings available from our independent retailers, including boutique shopping, award-winning hospitality, cutting-edge art galleries, and more. The campaign will run annually with celebrations around Indies Month each year as well as the Christmas shopping period and aims to underscore the imperative role of the high street while positioning Salisbury as a premier independent destination in the region. 


Throughout July, residents and visitors are urged to actively participate in Indies Week and beyond by engaging with the following initiatives: 


  1. 1. Explore our amazing Independent Business Scene: Discover the hidden gems and local treasures that Salisbury has to offer by heading to Take the time this month to explore independent retailers, restaurants, and establishments, and experience the personalised service and unique products they provide.  

  1. 2. Share Your Support & Spread the Word: Show your appreciation for independent businesses by sharing your experiences on social media and engaging with all the content surrounding our Indies on social media @experiencesalisbury Tag @experiencesalisbury and use the hashtag #yourcityofindependents to showcase your favourite independent businesses and inspire others to support them. Together, we can ensure the long-term success of these unique establishments. 

  2. 3. Benefit from an offer or two: Salisbury BID has produced a dedicated Indies Week leaflet featuring exclusive offers from local independent businesses only available from 1-7 July. These amazing leaflets will be available for pick-up at participating shops and at the Tourist Information Centre from 1 July. * 

  2. 4. Enter amazing bumper Indie giveaways: throughout July, Experience Salisbury will be posting incredible giveaways across their social media with a wide range of gifts from our vibrant independent businesses. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this not-to-be-missed prizes. All the conditions of entry will be in the caption of each post – GOOD LUCK!  


Remember that where you choose to spend your money is a powerful tool that dictates and shapes the future of your city! 


Robin McGowan, Chief Executive of Salisbury BID, emphasised the importance of supporting independent businesses, stating, "Salisbury's independent retailers are the lifeblood of our community. They offer a unique and diverse range of products and services, and by choosing to shop local, we contribute to the sustainability and growth of our high street. Indies Week provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate these businesses and our continuing City of Independents campaign will strive to showcase Salisbury as a thriving home of so many successful independents." 


Rachel Tribbeck, owner of H R Tribbeck & Son who have been in business in Salisbury since 1905, shares her perspective, "As an indie business owner in Salisbury, I am proud to be part of the City of Independents campaign. This initiative showcases the tremendous talent, creativity, and hard work that goes into running an independent business. By supporting our local independents, we not only invest in our community but also ensure the longevity and success of unique enterprises that make Salisbury truly special." 


Salisbury BID invites everyone to join in Indies Week and make a difference by supporting the city's exceptional independent retailers. Through making small change with where we all spend our pounds and pennies, we can collectively nurture a vibrant local economy, and preserve and cherish the distinctive independent flair of Salisbury.

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