Salisbury Business Improvement District

Charity Box Thefts Warning

11th February 2019

Salisbury BID has issued a warning to businesses following a series of charity box thefts in the city centre last week.

Culture Coffee and Pritchetts Butchers are amongst the businesses to have had their charity boxes stolen.

Another business also advised somebody had attempted to steal their staff tips.

Pritchetts Butchers said they will be repaying the £50 which was stolen from their Barnardo’s charity box.

The BID is working closely with Salisbury CityWatch, the police and businesses to gather evidence and advise how to deter and prevent further crimes.

The city’s CCTV has assisted with providing police with evidence of possible suspects.

Businesses are encouraged to check their charity boxes, and if they’ve been stolen to report it to the police via 101 and contact Salisbury BID on 01722 658000.

The BID is also reminding businesses to ensure their charity boxes are secure.

If any business would like further advice about crime prevention, you can contact Richard Goodman at Salisbury BID on