Salisbury Business Improvement District

Drive by Salisbury BID to boost recruitment across city

27th October 2021

The UK is facing a recruitment crisis. There is an acute shortage of workers with vacancies running at record levels.

The Office for National Statistics revealed earlier this month that the number of job vacancies hit 1.1 million between July and September, that is the highest level since records began in 2001.

Salisbury is feeling the effects of the national vacancy shortage. Businesses are finding it difficult to fill roles and Salisbury BID is taking steps to support businesses through the crisis. They have launched a recruitment page on the Experience Salisbury website in order to give levy-payers a local portal to advertise jobs. The vacancies will then be promoted through the Experience Salisbury social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Dan Collins, Salisbury BID Business Manager, said: “The national worker shortage has hit Salisbury, as it has hit the whole of the UK. Salisbury BID levy-payers were coming to us, worried at the number of vacancies going unfilled. From bartenders to solicitors and shop assistants, there are many jobs on offer and we felt it was time to create a portal where all our brilliant business could advertise for staff.

“Salisbury is a fantastic place to work and live and we hope this will encourage more to take up new opportunities in the city.”

To advertise a vacancy on Experience Salisbury, businesses need to fill out a quick form and all the details will be published online, once they have been checked. The site will also offer a section for volunteer roles.

Salisbury Reds is one of the local businesses already using the new service. Alex Chutter, Salisbury Reds General Manager said recruitment has become an issue: “The past two years have been incredibly challenging for us all, so we’re very keen to offer local people stable employment. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t driven a bus before - we just want to see if they have the aptitude, and then we’ll provide full driver training.

“Along with that training, those joining us will receive free bus travel for themselves and a nominee as well as discounts from major high street retailers. We’re looking forward to welcoming new members of our team very soon.”

To advertise a vacancy on Experience Salisbury, for FREE, businesses should fill out the form that can be found here.

For more information, businesses can email