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Have your say on Salisbury’s taxi tarriffs

13th February 2020

Wiltshire Council has opened a public consultation on proposed changes to taxi tariffs throughout the county – and people are being asked to have their say.

At a recent extraordinary meeting of the Licensing Committee, members agreed that the proposed changes to the tariffs should be put to public consultation.

The proposed new tariffs see small increases on the initial charge for using a taxi and no change to the subsequent charges.

However, the main change is the length of time that the second tariff tier is active for: previously that ended at 2.29am; now it is proposed that it will start earlier at 10pm (instead of 10.30pm) and last until 5.59am instead of (2.29am), when the old higher tariff 3 was chargeable.

This should encourage more people to use taxis during the early hours, and in turn help to safeguard people as they return home from pubs and clubs.

Bridget Wayman, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “The current tariffs have been in place since 2015, and following feedback from businesses around the county, this is the right time to make these changes.

“We have been holding discussions with stakeholders in both the taxi industry and the night-time economy for the past two years, and have taken their feedback into account when creating these new proposals.

“We recognise that there are differing needs – and opinions – on tariffs in the North, South, East and West of the county, and as such, the proposed new tariffs represent a compromise on the feedback we have had from taxi operators and businesses in these areas.

“We hope these proposals will bring a number of benefits, as they will ensure taxi charges are comparable to our nearest neighbouring authorities; they will encourage more people to enjoy the county’s night-time economy; and they will reduce the number of people walking home late at night, which will make nights out even safer for residents and visitors to Wiltshire.

“Please do let us know what you think about these changes and have your say by completing the consultation.”

The consultation will run for two weeks, from 6th - 20th February 2020.

Complete the consultation here.