Salisbury Business Improvement District

New Cost Saving Scheme Launched For Members

9th April 2018

Salisbury BID is working hard to deliver a cleaner, greener, safer and more vibrant city. Our aim is to make Salisbury a better place to do business and we want businesses to come, stay and prosper in Salisbury.

Reducing costs is a top priority for many businesses and our new Cost Saving Scheme is set to make a real difference.

This is why we have set up a costs saving partnership with Meercat Associates.

Salisbury BID Cost Saving Scheme

Meercat Associates are specialists in sourcing and managing contracts for individual businesses. They only work with BIDs and has a strong track record of saving millions of pounds across the country.

Many members have found their savings are more than their annual BID levy.

How does it work?

Our cost saving scheme uses the collective buying power of Salisbury BID members to help cut costs and save your business time and money.

Our partners manage the whole process on your behalf, including securing best prices, finding the most appropriate service, managing contracts when they are up for renewal and switching you to the right deal.

The Salisbury BID cost procurement scheme is free for all Salisbury BID members to take advantage of.

No commission is earned on the service, and therefore all financial savings will be passed to you as the business owner.

A copy of recent bills is all that is needed to get started. These will be analysed confidentially to calculate potential savings.

You could save money on:

  •  Energy
  • Telecoms
  • Pest Control
  • Testing
  • Print & Stationery
  • Merchant Fees
  • Water


Complete the form to start cutting your business costs today!

A representative of Meercat Associates will contact you directly.