Salisbury Business Improvement District

New partnership to build ties between Salisbury businesses & schools

30th June 2021

Salisbury BID has joined Salisbury Chamber of Commerce and Sarum Rotary in the launch of a new partnership that will forge closer links between businesses and schools – and BID levy payers are being urged to get involved. 

The Salisbury Education & Business Partnership (SEBP) aims to help develop and retain home-grown talent by encouraging more businesses to connect with schools and colleges in the local area. 

Previously, forums have been held once a term with schools as a way to understand how businesses could best assist them, and this new partnership takes that joint working a step further. 

Salisbury BID is now looking for levy payers who would like to get involved in activities over the next academic year. 

There are lots of ways businesses and schools can work together, including workshops, providing invaluable work experience placements, judging competitions, mock interviews and help with CV writing. 

As well as benefits to schools and pupils, there are also positives for businesses too. Involvement in the project could lead to future recruitment, staff development opportunities and it offers businesses a chance to give back to the local community. The partnership will also work towards the long-term aim of developing and hopefully then retaining more of our home-grown talent locally. 

Dan Collins, Business Manager for Salisbury BID, said: “This is a fantastic new partnership that will work to improve the relationship between schools and business in Salisbury. It will help discover new ways to work together, to enable pupils to develop new skills and make sure they are ready for their first foray into the work place. It will also have a positive impact on the entire Salisbury business community.” 

Those businesses interesting in becoming involved need to please fill out this survey by FRIDAY 20th August.

Jonathan Curtis, headteacher of Downton’s Trafalgar School, said: “This is a hugely exciting opportunity for young people in Salisbury and the surrounding area.  Links with industry and business bring learning to life, helping students make the connection between what they learn in school and how this relates to the ‘real world’.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for business to connect with, and potentially influence, our future workforce.”