Salisbury Business Improvement District

Waste Reminder For Salisbury Businesses

28th April 2021

Salisbury streets strewn with rubbish - it's a scene none of us wants.

We can all do our bit to keep the city looking its best, and one way is to make sure business waste is disposed of in the correct way.

There are laws and a 'duty of care' that businesses adhere to when it comes to getting rid of rubbish - commercial waste. Sticking to those rules helps to make sure:

⦁ Waste does not cause pollution of the environment or harm to anyone
⦁ Litter free streets help to keep our city tidy and looking its best
⦁ It keeps pavements clear and stops people having to walk on busy roads
⦁ It allows more space in covid times for social distancing on our pavements

To make sure streets are kept clear of waste, bins from businesses should be stored away from the Highway until the evening ahead of an authorised collection.

Salisbury City Council has been made aware that some commercial waste contractors have changed collection dates and businesses have not been informed, which means rubbish could be left out when it shouldn't.

Salisbury businesses are therefore being urged to please double check rubbish collection dates and times so waste is not piled on pavements for longer than necessary.

If you would like more information regarding the correct, lawful methods of commercial/trade waste disposal please call Wiltshire Council on 0300 003 456 or see their factsheet here.