Salisbury Business Improvement District

Salisbury BID reacts to ‘Freedom Day’

19th July 2021

Today, 19th July 2021, sees the final lifting of coronavirus restrictions across England. 

The Government confirmed last week that all legal limits on social contact will be removed however they are asking people to still follow the recommended safety measures and do their bit to help reduce transmission rates. 

Salisbury BID and city centre businesses are supporting that message, and are asking residents and visitors to please remember to: 

  • Continue to be cautious and respect people’s personal space 
  • Stick to hygiene advice  
  • Check whether face covers are still required (some businesses may still prefer customers to wear them) 
  • Do what they can to keep each other - including staff members - safe  

Robin McGowan, Chief Executive of Salisbury BID said: “Although masks are now not a legal requirement, some businesses may prefer that clients and customers continue to use face coverings. We ask that residents and visitors take note of what each business requires and to respect what they are asking. By pulling together and continuing to be mindful of others and their health, we can open back up in a safe way.” 

The last 18 months have been extremely tough for many of our independent businesses in Salisbury. Although the ending of restrictions is a positive step forward there is still a long road to recovery for many. We can all do out bit to help by supporting our indies and continuing to buy local. By keeping money in the local economy, it really helps to aid recovery. 

Nigel McNally, owner Baileys on Fisherton Street, said: “We really are excited that we can now trade normally and that people can come into the shop. I think it will be a positive time. I think the reality is that Covid will be with us for quite a while and we need to be responsible. If we are all on the same page in terms of protecting our community, we should still be able to operate safely and achieve the same results and ultimately have a satisfied community and consumer.” 

As the rules end it feels like life is getting back to some kind of normality following months of hard restrictions. The number of events across Salisbury is increasing, and it’s nice to see people having fun again! With Fayre on the Square and Salisbury LIVE coming up, it’s time to celebrate the summer. Check out all the Salisbury events on the Experience Salisbury What’s On pages.