Salisbury Business Improvement District

Salisbury businesses invited to Neighbourhood Development Plan event

3rd June 2019

Businesses are being invited to give their views at the Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation event.

Salisbury City Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan that will help shape and guide future development in our city.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to develop a shared vision for their area. The policies in the Neighbourhood Plan can have long-term impacts upon the future of Salisbury. The plan will add local detail to Wiltshire planning policies based on the priorities identified by the Salisbury community.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared alongside other Wiltshire Council projects such as the Central Area Framework and the emerging Local Plan. Together, we hope to create a robust and attractive context within which Salisbury will grow and thrive.

The Neighbourhood Plan is managed by a steering group composed of members of the Salisbury community and elected Salisbury City councillors. The steering group is supported by town planning consultants.

Neighbourhood planning is based on consultation with the community, and therefore businesses are being encouraged to attend this consultation event.

Business Consultation Event: Thursday 6 June, Salisbury Guildhall, 6pm for 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Register here to attend.

John Farquhar, Steering Group Chairman, stated “The Neighbourhood Plan will help prepare Salisbury City for the 21st century. After the event last March, we really need to help local businesses meet the challenges of reducing footfall and competition from the internet, and also ensure that the city provides a good environment in which to work, live and raise our families.”

Mark Stevens, Steering Group Vice-Chairman, added “We started our Neighbourhood Plan last year, but because of the March 2018 incident, we were not able to progress. We have restarted at a time when Wiltshire Council and others are also focusing on boosting Salisbury and we hope that together, we will provide a strong basis for the City’s future success.”

John Farquhar, Steering Group Chairman, said “The City Council went to great lengths to recruit a steering group of local people and councillors with complementary skills and experience. The Steering Group will ensure that the process keeps to its timetable. As we progress, we will be bringing in many local volunteers to help develop our policies in topic-specific working groups.”