Salisbury Business Improvement District

Salisbury Gift Card Is Launching!

9th April 2018

The Salisbury Gift Card is set to boost the economy and encourage more people into the city. Salisbury BID are launching the programme in June 2018!

Salisbury BID has invested in the Salisbury Gift Card, so is completely FREE for our members to register to accept the card. The Salisbury Gift Card supports local businesses by keeping the spend in the city

Click here to contact us and we pop in to explain everything and get you set up.

What is the Salisbury Gift Card?
The Salisbury Gift Card is a pre-loaded gift card which allows consumers to spend money in participating businesses within the ring road of Salisbury.

It uses the Mastercard infrastructure, so businesses can accept the Salisbury Gift Card using their existing payment terminals at no additional costs.

Consumers can purchase the Salisbury Gift Card via our bespoke e-commerce website ( or via our selected sales points in the city (points TBC).

Can my business accept the Salisbury Gift Card?
Whether you are national or independent business, if you’re a Salisbury BID member and have a card payment machine, you can sign up to accept the Salisbury Gift Card.

The Salisbury Gift Card is available to a wide range of sectors, but is specifically aimed at retailers, restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels, tourist attractions, leisure, health & beauty and entertainment.

If you aren’t a Salisbury BID member but are within the BID area, you can become a voluntary levy payer and therefore sign up to accept the Salisbury Gift Card.

Why should my business sign up to accept the Salisbury Gift Card?

• Funded by Salisbury BID - so there's no fees to businesses (just your usual cost of accepting a card payment)
• Easy to set up - meaning independents and nationals can be involved
• Increases spend- on average, consumers spend an additional 35% more than the amount of the gift card
• Introduces new customers - 15% of consumers spend their gift card in a business which they've not visited before
• Boosts sales - peak time for gift card redemption is January/February (typically the quietest period for retailers)

How will the Salisbury Gift Card be marketed to consumers?
Salisbury BID has invested in a multi-channel marketing campaign to promote the Salisbury Gift Card to consumers. From radio advertising to print advertising, the Salisbury Gift Card will be advertised across several local medias.

Salisbury BID will also be speaking with the major employers on the outskirts of the city to inspire them to use the Salisbury Gift Card as employee incentives/rewards. This will not only increase the number of sales, but it will also encourage people into the city, many of whom perhaps commute to work and wouldn’t usually come into the city.

How can I sign my business up to accept the Salisbury Gift Card?
To be able to accept the Salisbury Gift Card and become a participating business, there’s a 2-minute sign-up process which simply involves us swiping the gift card through your card payment machine and giving you a branded “Salisbury Gift Card Accepted Here” sticker for your window.

There’s no reason why a business wouldn’t want to sign up to be able to accept the Salisbury Gift Card. Do you really want to turn down a sale if a customer wants to pay using a Salisbury Gift Card?

Register your business
IMPORTANT: The Salisbury Gift Card is FREE to all BID members, but can ONLY be spent in businesses who have registered.

It's really easy to register, get in touch and we will pop in to explain everything.