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Salisbury Reds gearing up to support commuters as they return to work

30th July 2020

Salisbury Reds is gearing up for an increase in the numbers of customers travelling across its network - following the government’s latest announcement.

With more people being encouraged back to work, the Salisbury Reds has stepped up their services, and is reassuring local employers that sustainable travel is ready-and-waiting for workers in-and-around the city.

Salisbury Reds has put together a helpful guide for employers, as well as individual customers, for getting ready to return to public transport now that Government advice has changed.

Employers who are carrying out revised risk assessments for their staff - including travel to-and-from work will find this guide covers everything you need to know about using their bus services again.

Salisbury Reds operate with a safety-first approach and have been constantly monitoring new Government guidelines and have been working in partnership with the Confederation of Passenger Transport throughout the pandemic to ensure we comply.

Salisbury Reds Managing Director, Andrew Wickham, said: “Our team has been welcoming back a growing number of customers over recent weeks, and we are expecting demand for bus travel to increase still further.”

“Employers here will be carrying out revised risk assessments for their staff - including travel to-and-from work. And they need look no further than Salisbury Reds for safe and reliable transport.

“We have introduced a number of measures in recent times, including enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the day and before our buses enter service - and special focus on touch points with anti-viral wipes. To assist with employers carrying out risk assessments we have produced a handy ‘Back on Board’ guide, that is available to download from our website.

“Our customers can also practice social distancing whilst on-board, thanks to the layout of bus seating. Passengers don’t face each other, with forward-facing and priority seats currently in sole use. We are installing hand sanitisers on each of our buses too.

“All this, and the fact that our customers are wearing face coverings whilst travelling with us, means we can provide safe and effective transport for those returning to work.”

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