Salisbury Business Improvement District

A Decade of Key Achievements

Salisbury BID began operating in 2014. In that time, we have collected and reinvested almost four million pounds with one goal: to improve Salisbury.

We have delivered two bold and diverse business plans throughout an extraordinary decade, achieving concrete and measurable successes across marketing, events, operations, safety, support, and influence.

Through strategic initiatives, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships, Salisbury BID drives positive change and fosters a vibrant city centre. We create opportunities for businesses to thrive and for visitors to experience the very best of Salisbury.

Salisbury City Centre CCTV

Salisbury BID invest £25,000 each year into the city centre's CCTV to ensure the system remains operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Businesses Against Crime (SBBAC)

Providing a safer environment, reducing crime rates, and deterring potential criminal activities. Co-funded by Salisbury BID and Salisbury City Council, we invest in CCSO’s, manage the City Radio system, shared intelligence meeting with businesses, the police and city partners, and BID ranger crime support! 

To date, we have 85 radio users and 400 ShopWatch members throughout the city, over 20,000 hours of CCTV and 10,000 incidents have been logged through DISC, 

City Ranger Service

Supporting the BID’s levy payers with any environmental or crime issues they may have. Our Ranger, Andy, is in communication with the CCTV control room, Police, the city’s security guards, shops and venues to share intelligence and tackle business crime.

City Performance Data

Salisbury BID takes the lead in funding and analysing crucial city performance and economic data, including footfall, visitor origin, city spend data, and vacancy rates.

Experience Salisbury

A vibrant website and social media presence (with over 20k followers) dedicated to celebrating Salisbury and giving improved promotional opportunities for city businesses. Over 1.1k events uploaded via the website, an online reach of 58k, and 4.5k newsletter subscribers.

Summer & Christmas What's On Guides

An easy to read, handy guide to events and activites in our city. Distributed to over 60,000 homes, and a further 40,000 throughout the city.

Public Art

Including installations such as the City Street Umbrella's, Window Wonderland, This Too Shall Pass, and City Murals. Each project was viewed by over 90k people.

Promotional Tote Bags

Over 6,500 tote bags have been distributed throughout the city, including limited edition Indies and Christmas bags, encouraging spend!

Salisbury Gift Card

Over £100k of spend kept in the city through initiatives like the gift card.

Traditional Original

Co-investment in the launch of new city branding. 

Taste Salisbury

For the past 3 years we have co-funded our city's premier food festival showcasing Salisbury's strong tradition of hospitality. 

Christmas in Salisbury

Salisbury BID has been a primary partner and funder of the city's festive activity.

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