Salisbury Business Improvement District

Salisbury BID funding secures return of city’s CCTV monitoring

25th September 2018

Ownership of the CCTV system for Salisbury has been passed from Wiltshire Council to Salisbury City Council.

Salisbury Citywatch, which is jointly funded by Salisbury BID and Salisbury City Council, will be operating the system on behalf of the council with immediate effect.

The new state-of-the-art digital system has been recording since August 2017, after Wiltshire Council switched the cameras off in 2016.

The CCTV system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Salisbury Citywatch’s CCTV Manager, Richard Goodman, is working with a team of volunteers who will start to monitor the system at key times, based in a control room at Bourne Hill.

Robin McGowan, Chief Executive of Salisbury BID, said: “It is great news for everyone’s safety and security that a team of volunteers will now be monitoring the CCTV footage.

“The BID and City Council have worked closely together to make sure CCTV is operating in the city and have supported the establishment of the Citywatch partnership.

“Our collective aim is to ensure our city is a safe and pleasant place for businesses, residents and visitors.

“We of course want to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour happening all together, but if incidents do occur CCTV can play a crucial role in investigations and bringing people to justice.

“Indeed, it was CCTV pictures from our system that led directly to the identifications of the two suspects following the 4th March incident in Salisbury.

“With the Citywatch volunteers on board for monitoring, we have taken a very big step forward in ensuring people’s safety and wellbeing in Salisbury.”

If you have any questions about Citywatch, please contact Richard Goodman 01722 441683 or