Salisbury Business Improvement District

Salisbury Radio Link

Welcoming & Enhancing

Salisbury's radio link allows partners and businesses to work closely together to detect and prevent crime in the city centre.

The digital radio system links retailers and licensed premises with the CCTV operators, Police, city security officers and the BID's City Ranger. This scheme allows all partners to work more closely together to detect and deter crime in the city.

The digital system gives clear communications, allowing businesses to share information and intelligence accurately.

The digital radios system is managed by Salisbury BID and Salisbury City Council.

Over 60 shops, licensed premises, venues and restaurants are connected on the scheme.

Andy, the BID's City Ranger, provides businesses with training on how to effectively use the radio.

Salisbury BID levy payers can join the radio link scheme by purchasing a digital radio. Non levy payers must become a voluntary BID levy payer to join the scheme.

Contact us to find out more and to join the radio link.