City Rangers

City Rangers Work

To help keep Salisbury looking it’s best, we provide services that are in addition to the statutory service carried out by the local authorities.

Ours service helps ensure the local environment is kept clean for businesses, staff, shoppers, visitors and residents.

We provide our business members with a responsive cleaning and maintenance service; if you have an issue outside your business, please contact us and our City Rangers will come and sort the problem.

Our work includes graffiti removal, river clear ups, painting/maintenance, pressure washing, waste clearance, human/animal waste clear up, trolley round ups, chewing gum removal, gully clearance and much more.

Look out for our City Rangers in our electric vehicle ‘Gordon’!

If you notice a specific area that needs our attention, please call us on 01722 658000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Clear up at The Maltings car park
Clean up on New Canal
Post refurbishment at Blue Boar Row
Clean up on Culver Street
Sign clean on Fisherton Street
Litter clearance from the river at The Maltings
Graffiti removal at Millstream
Responsive clean on Catherine Street
Graffiti removal at Scotts Lane
Painting on Queen Street
Painting on Blue Boar Row
Graffiti removal
Bench refurbishment at Millstream coach park
Trolley removal from the river at The Maltings
City Ranger responsive clean on Silver-Street
Charity collection clear up
Clean Up in Salisbury Brown Street
Painting on St Ann Street
Sign clean on Bourne Hill
Graffiti removal at Greencroft Street
Clean up on Castle Street
Removal of trolley from river
Sign refurbishment at Malthouse Lane
Graffiti removal
Trolley removal from river
Post refurbishment St Thomas's Square
Trolley retrieval