Latest News

Latest News

New Sales Point for the Salisbury Gift Card


The Salisbury Gift Card can now be purchased from Salisbury Museum.

Salisbury Museum, in the Cathedral Close, is now the third sales point in the city to sell the Salisbury Gift Card, along with the Information Centre and Salisbury Playhouse.

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Mary Poppins Challenge


A new social media craze has hit Salisbury.

The #PoppinsChallenge has been filling social media with photos of residents and visitors imitating Mary Poppins underneath the umbrella display on Salisbury High Street.

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Environment Enforcement Campaign Launch


Salisbury BID is supporting the Salisbury City Council Environmental Enforcement Campaign which is launching Monday 30th July 2018.

This means that fixed penalty notices can be issued to people who drop litter or don’t clean up after their dog.

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